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The Emergent Plane

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Welcome to the referential page for The Emergent Plane, the world in which my campaign takes place.   Here you'll find a number of articles pertaining to different subjects regarding the setting.   At the top of most articles you'll find a section outlining what type of character would know the information presented in the article. Please make sure to read this beforehand, as it will be useful in determining whether your character would reasonably have access to that information. If your character does not have one of the traits listed in the top of the article they would not know the information provided (unless, of course, they learned it through some in-game interaction).   As such, be mindful of what you believe you could feasibly have the self-restraint to avoid using. I cannot stress enough the importance of being brutally honest with yourself about what you have the self-control to recognize your character wouldn't know, or your character has a justifiable reason to know. People in the world aren't walking encyclopedias that magically and without explanation know every random detail about every race, country, political system, etc. For example, if during a session your character who's lived out in the middle of nowhere their entire life for no explicable reason just casually knows all about Mind-Flayers, because you read an article in this thing I've made and can't stop yourself from meta-gaming, I'm not gonna lie I'll probably be annoyed and might not add more to this (which would suck because I think you guys would find it pretty useful if you don't abuse it).   If you know your character would not know the information in the article, you're still free to read it of course, but you'd need to keep in mind "I should not act upon the information in this article while role-playing my character". It's up to you whether you want to avoid articles that contain information unavailable to your character, but if you find it difficult to avoid meta-gaming using that information, it might be a good idea to just not read that particular article at all.   That said, assuming the importance of that "PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME REGRET MAKING THIS" warning is clear enough, welcome to the info dump because making this as far as it is took a looooot of sitting in front of my computer for hours typing up stuff lol   Hopefully you guys enjoy it