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The Elonis Sector


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In the far reaches of the Galactic East, the Imperium struggle to maintain its rule, Xenos and heretics roam around freely. In the grim darkness of the far future, Mankind's hopes are limited in such a forlon place... But a beacon of light is still shining. For almost twelve millennia, Alderan stood. Unbeaten, unchallenged, unstoppable, its nobles held sway over a hundred systems, and their influence spread even further. Its fleet patrolled the stars, crushing anyone opposing its dominion. Worlds were emptied out of their treasures as one culture spread and erased the the differences between cultures at war with each other since the dawn of time. At the peak of their power, some thought they could even one day challenge the rule of the Emperor and establish a new order on this part of the galaxy. Little did they know that their strict order would be the vehicle for their fall...

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Young blood


Inquisitor Toth and her team are drawn the moons of Bellis Orba, following a long trail of strange shippments...

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