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Character: Azzurra Visini, The Element of Air

Co-Ruler of the Air Kingdom, The Element of Air Azzurra N/A Visini (a.k.a. N/A)

Divine Domains

The Element of Air.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Tool: Wand, sometimes sword, dagger or athame Planets: Jupiter Zodiac Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius Season: Spring Time of Day: Morning, Sunrise

Physical Description

Body Features

Age: 16 Height: 5’1 ft Weight: 106 lbs Sex/Gender: Female Race/Species: Sylph Eye color: Blue/grey/violet Hair color: White Body type: Ectomorph Ethnicity: Caucasian

Special abilities

Air manipulation; Create/generate/increase, shape and Manipulate Air, Aero-Telekinesis, Aerokinetic flight, Air walking, Air attacks, Aerokinetic Constructs, Atmospheric Adaption, Enhanced Senses (Enhanced hearing by amplifying air molecule vibrations), Enhanced Speed, Purification of the air by removing hazardous molecules, Air Empowerment, Cyclone Spinning…etc.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Background: Azzurra was born June 1st in the Air Kingdom to Carolina and Dalfon Visini, along with her twin brother; Scirocco. From the second they were birthed, the duo were possessed by the Elemental Spirits of Wind and Air. They were the rightful heirs of the Throne. Dalfon was ecstatic, being a descendant of Gale; the first Air Element. However, Carolina was not. Although, she was only part sylph. Therefore, holding no desire to be associated with the throne. The two came to a agreement- Dalfon would keep Scirocco to be raised as the Ruler of the Air Kingdom. Carolina would take Azzurra back with her to Italy where they would live a normal life, away from the Elemental World. The twins were seperated at birth, never knowing that the other existed.

Personality Characteristics

Virtues & Personality perks

Curious and eager to learn new things, intelligent (especially book smart), adventurous and willing to try new things, introspective, typically obedient.

Vices & Personality flaws

Occasionally gullible (ex., tendency to be unassuming of the intentions of others), often self-unaware (ex., unsure of what she might like/dislike or of what she might be able to do), impractical (ex., opponents might characterize her insights as unnecessary), reckless, naïve.


Family Ties

Mother: Carolina Visini Father: Dalfon Sibling(s): Scirocco (twin brother), Aurora (younger step-sister), Alba (younger step-sister) Others: Direct descendant of Gale and Aella (the first elements of Air and Wind)

Divine Classification
An elemental.
Ethnicity: Airean
Location: The Air Kingdom
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Co-Ruler of the Air Kingdom, The Element of Air.
Circumstances of Birth
The Elemental Spirit of Air had picked a new body to possess- Azzurra Visini, a sylph.
The Air Kingdom
Current Residence
The Air Kingdom
Biological Sex
Bright blue, big, round
Long, soft, ivory white

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