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the Eden Corporations United Homeland - ECUH


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The ECUH is a vast territory streching from the Pyreness to the eastern border of old world Poland controlled by Eden corp, a prominent megacorporation.   Life in the ECUH is severly divided between the have, and the have-nots. The 0.1 percent lives in luxury seemingly with the whole world at their feet. The rest of 99.9 percent are scrambling for scraps all trying to rise up above their lot in life.   The year is 2441 and technology has reached a plateu, Cybertech and vr are readily available if you have the scrips for it. Any technological advance is kept highly secret in-house by the megacorps, and they will go to great lengths to remain in control of advanced tech. Because of this progress has been halted   In north western ECUH lies the EDEN capital Neo Amstel. Life is bustling in this huge megalopolis, everyone trying to get their piece of the pie. Neo Amstel is divided between the Warrens - a vast slum filled with crime and outcasts, Consumer districts - markets of the new world, malls stretching for kilometers, home to Consumer class citizens and pricorps, and the EDEN Project - a gigantic golden megastructure looming over the city, this is where the EDEN HQ is located.

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