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The Darkest Night Arc

The fated day arrives, and the heroes of the Earthly Realm are forced to face the otherworldly threat presented by the Dhimwari. With little time left to prepare, everyone simply hopes to survive the long night.

Plot points/Scenes

  • Huron journeys to the city of Delphi in order to speak with Queen Seraphiel as Prince Heimdall Brandt stands trial for the crimes of his father; The Masked Man's plans come to fruition.
  • With the revival of Hasha, Rhoa is pelted by the debris from the floating city of Delphi, causing mass panic and destruction as Hasha awakens their sleeper agents.
  • The Goretusk Tribe prepares for war with the newly crowned Daemon King; Eros, Androssi, Melfoy, Janessa, Baran, and Princess Una, attempt to escape the ruined city of Rhoa.
  • The Wrathborn cause destruction throughout the world; The Daemon King's forces begin kidnapping Navatu children, goading Aria into joining the war. 
  • Aria challenges Durga, Daemon King of the Ashen Dunes, to a duel; Huron speaks to the survivors of Crimea about the coming of the Infinite Void.
  • The arrival of the Wrathborn interrupts Aria and Durga's duel; Eis and Scylla finally arrive in the city of Atlantia to further their training while Xanadu rests in Bama, the hometown of the Flame Emperor.
  • With word of the naga brood heading towards Atlantia, Scylla and the Nereids of Atlantia prepare for battle with Caothannach's forces; The undead are seen throughout the streets of Crimea, furthering mass panic.
  • Androssi is confronted by the Masked Man while Heimdall and Una rally the people to fight back against the undead and the cheruba.
  • Aria and Durga join forces to fight Solana and Gdon; Eis takes to the battlefield to assist the Nereids against Caothannach's brood.
  • Xanadu and Damali attempt to stop the Masked Man from performing his ritual as Androssi confronts Seraphiel; Solana plays her trump card.
  • The Masked Man blankets the Earthly Realm within a dark void, serving as a beacon for the remaining sins; Empowered by the presence of the Void, the Wrathborn turn the tables on the people of the Earthly Realm.
  • Chapter Name, "Ascension": Huron presents Androssi with a choice; Cut off from the gods, Dimas and ???Delved
  • One year after the Darkest Night, Xanadu appears before the people of Bama
  • Eis and Androssi help Xan Obe protect his village from a surprise attack by unknown monsters; Aria and Scylla are forced to escape from the corrupted beasts of Caothannach when they're ambushed in the dead of night.
  • The armies of Joutann and Crimean-Navatu Alliance clash as the War of the Dhimwari begins; Eis comes face to face with Xanadu.
  • Aria and Scylla finally arrive in Lyonesse; Prince Heimdall warns that there's a traitor amongst the Crimean generals.
  • The Crimean-Navatu Alliance is thrown into chaos when Balor takes to the battlefield himself; Solana leads an army to invade the kingdom of Lyonesse.
  • Batu and Ogoron step up to lead the charge against the Joutann army while Scylla and Princess Thetea plead with the Queen of the Sunken Forest for aid against the Dhimwari.
  • With the appearance of the Gods, the Dhimwari temporarily retreat, allowing the alliance to collect themselves; Androssi receives an unlikely visitor.
  • Batu, Eis and Androssi struggle to rally their allies in the face of Astaroth and his army of flying horrors;
  • Chosen as Visha's champion, Batu manages to push back Astaroth's forces, signifying the first victory for the Alliance; Aria, Batu, Scylla, Ogoron, Eis, and Xanadu all prepare to train for the next battle against the Dhimwari.
  • One month after the beginning of the war against the Dhimwari, Aria and Princess Thetea journey to Rhoa in order to establish relations between the Nereids and Crimean-Navatu Alliance; Androssi is once again visited by Astaroth.
  • As Batu begins his battle against Astaroth, Balor prepares the full force of the Joutann army to destroy Rhoa.
  • Aria, with her new blades forged by Ogoron, helps Batu fight together against Astaroth, while Balor is forced to deal with the power of the Corpse Lord; Solana pushes Caothannach's army to attack Lyonesse once more, forcing Scylla and Nereus, champion of the Water Goddess, Melusine, to hold back the oncoming monsters.
  • The appearance of the Great Beast Forest's guardians causes chaos across the battlefield; The Traitor reveals their scheme to destroy the Coalition Army.
  • With the chain of command disrupted within the Coalition Army, Heimdall assumes leadership; Unexpected allies join the fray against the beast guardians.
  • Caothannach herself appears to join Astaroth; Xanadu reveals his full power against Balor.
  • Durga and Naiad continue their fight against the beast guardians; Astaroth turns against Caothannach.
  • Heimdall commands Kyr the Mountain God to face off against the last of the beast guardians; Astaroth makes a sacrifice to save Androssi's life.
  • Having left the battlefield, Caothannach returns to Lyonesse in order to destroy the Nereid people; Androssi meets with Xanadu.
  • After inheriting the blessing of the Water Goddess, Aria is forced to hold out against the might of Caothannach; Xanadu meets with the Masked Man.
  • Androssi arrives to help Aria out in her fight against the monstrous Caothannach; All around the world, the fight against the Dhimwari scions continues.
  • Renewed with the will to fight, Aria and Octavia prepare their final attack against Caothannach; Xanadu searches for the wounded Balor.
  • With Caothannach and Balor defeated, the world finally can know peace...or can it?
  • Structure


  • At the end of the War of Flames, Chicot, revealed to be the God of Fire, Huron in disguise, vanished from the battlefield. Three months later, Huron comes face to face with the great horror that once freed him from his subterranean prison, coming to claim what they were promised. Meanwhile, Heimdall Brandt, son of the Flame King, stands trial for the actions of his father.
  • The Dhimwari avatars spread chaos and fear throughout the Earthly Realm; Caothannach, the Mother, attacks the dryads and beasts of the Great Beast Forest, while Asteroth arrives in the floating city of Delphi. The last avatar, Balor the Grim Eye, appears before those over the trial for Heimdall, heralding the beginning of the end.
  • -   suddenly appear before the God of Fire, Huron. Before he could react, they were upon him, devouring his flesh and spirit. When they finished their feast, they found themselves invigorated with a new power: the power of fire. Huron's power. Curious to test their new power, the three Dhimwari avatars of Hasha descended upon the Great Beast Forest, setting it ablaze as beast and dryad alike fled for their lives in the face of the Dhimwari's might. Though many attempted to stop them, the Dhimwari Avatar strength proved to be unlike anything they'd seen before and not a soul within the forest was able to stand against them. Solana, a terraformer under Acacia, stood strong in her resolve to protect her friends and family. Hoping to buy time for the others, she charged into battle alone against the enemy, finding herself accompanied by the resident angry duo, Anqa and Ouroboros. Despite the powerhouses at her side, Solana found herself soundly defeated and captured by the Dhimwari, twisted smiles upon their faces as they fell upon the distressed Dryad.   TBC
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    Story Arc
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