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The Earth Federation

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The world had changed, driving the future deeper into the misty clouds, losing the foundation the world had been built upon, causing unrepairable damages until one person released his anger, gaining self-control. Dr. Wane has complete control over the survivors of the War. He has unleashed his anger at the human society by bringing it all in reach of his hands. Bandits are a ruthless gang of criminals, outlawed from the world before, that has looked greedily for power that Wane had promised to them. Tom, who has managed to break free of Wane's control over his mind, decided to help his fellow friends to escape from the clutches of Wane. He must avoid the Bandits and the Earth Federations' Order Guards, who will stop at nothing to capture Tom and his band of followers who have decided to turn against Wane. Emeralditis, the city which is the oldest of all cities, was created after the War and houses most of the population of the scarred Earth. Several other cities have popped up after the city was unable to keep up with the growing population. It is thought about one city which works against the EF. Tom ventures out of the city to rigorously search for the fabled city, in pursuit of freedom.