Werner Henning - Human Cleric

Growing up in the mercantile district of the big city, Werner knows better than anyone thet money makes the world go round. But he always had been puzzled by the charity found in temples and other places of faith - these institutions gave out blessings, healing and succor with no monetary recompence. Indeed, Walter knew of several herbalists and small-time spellcasters who could have earned good money on these avenues of business, had the clergy not made them available for free! While Walther grew older and more vocal about these issues, One day he received a divine visitation from the very god of trade himself - He spoke to Walter, said to him that his words were true, and that he had chosem him to champion this message. And so Walther set out to convert faith into a legitimate business.   "A blessing of fortune against everyday's plight could save your very livelihood! That is not going to come cheap."   Character Sheet - level 2


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