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Saint Tegar

Lord of Song, The Storyteller (a.k.a. Anaherutegar (Elvish))

Divine Domains

Arts, Culture, Dancing, Literature, Music, and Poetry

Divine Symbols & Sigils


Tenets of Faith

Clerics allowed Weapons: no edge   Clerics allowed Armor: any   Clerical Dress: Ornate robes   Temple Notes: Temples are usually ornate cathedrals, and will often contain museums and/or extensive libraries.   Ceremonies: Ceremonies have lots of music and chants. Minor ceremonies involve study and/or the practice of art.


Contacts & Relations

Demi-Human Pantheon

Religious Views

Many Bards take him as their patron. Considered an angel by The Way of God.

Divine Classification
Neutral Good
Church of Aner
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Lord of Song
The Storyteller
Gender Identity
Usually portrayed as male.
Aligned Organization
Church of Aner
Other Affiliations

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