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Summer Camp Prep 2024: Assignment 1

This is my first time participating in any event on World Anvil. I'm also a bit nervous cause this is my first summer camp. For camp, I am working on two worlds, mostly because it will keep my creativity going as I bounce between projects.  

Assignment 1: Change

Consider what kind of changes I will be implemnting to fit in with my themes, genre, and other foundational points.   The Blue Lotus:
What event made a pair of high school seniors purchase a hotel and then turn into a home?
What event made the two founders turn the hotel into a self-contain city?
What made a pair of rich friends turned their hobby into:
  • A lucrative business?
  • A secret social club?
  • One of the most notorious and coveted clubs for supernaturals and humans?
Vicious Circles:
What made a female magic user turned her abilities into a criminal enterprise?
What event or series of events that turned a school for rich students into a secret battle ground for magical criminals?    

Assignment 2: Setting A Goal

I am going for copper as this is my first-time doing summer camp. Usually, I’m a weekend writer because of my schedule and time constraints. I plan on making an effort to write during the week, but I’m mostly going to schedule my writing time for the weekends and for at least an hour every Thursday.  

Assignment 3: Categories & Tags

I feel like I have a general idea of what I want my categories are supposed to be. I feel like there will be more need for specialization in the future as I delve deeper into the worldbuilding.  

Assignment 4: Meta

Since these are fary new worlds added to world anvil, I’ll be updating the meta as I go.

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