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This is where tyranny reigned from, that is until I burnt it down.
-Alex Daddario

Purpose / Function

Alex Daddario Taylor's original plan was to completely do away with the White House and former Presidential Palace but chose to keep it as a reminder of the previous tyranny from the American government. Keeping it in ruins has also dissuaded the people from wanting to return to a capitalistic lifestyle. It wasn't until her son, Dixon Daddario was grown and ready to take the crown did she consider a place for a coronation. It has been passed down for generations since, remaining in its ruined state as a permanent reminder.


After the destruction of the United States White House by Alex Daddario Taylor and @balerion, Alex turned the former palace into a generational reminder. The Dovahnor Coronation takes place in the ruins of the former palace. No major modifications have been done as Alex only allows for minor cleanups and the removal of dangerous material or causes of damage to structural integrity. The only major modification done was not actually done to the building itself, but to the surrounding area. A bomb-proof dome was built over it in order to protect it from the elements and potential vandalizes or looters.
In later generations, the White House sees some uplift in order to make it more showable and easier to protect from potential threats. It remains mostly in ruins but is no longer a threat to the safety of its attendants.


Formerly hidden tunnels within the White House have been filled and sealed in order to prevent an underground attack. Things such as electricity, sewage, heating, and cooling are non-existent as the building is used on average only twice in 30 years, for coronations and presenting of an heir. When not in use the bomb-proof dome is sealed around it.
November 1st 3020
Alternative Names
The White House, The Fire House


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