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The Prolific Pasture

You could grow anything here.


The Prolific Pasture is a field or a plain of about 2,000 square miles right in the heart of the @Dived States. It is frequent to tornadoes, blizzards, and soccer ball-sized hailstones that have shaped the field into very uneven shapes. Some parts are higher, the natural drainage system is terrible and results in flooding every spring. No building can be constructed near the field for fear of tornadoes. While the soil is superior to the surrounding areas, it often rests around five to ten feet beneath the surface. Exposing too much of the fertile soil by tilling or digging causes adverse reactions and a decrease in nutrients in the exposed area. What exactly are limitations in order to avoid this are currently unknown? The growing season for The Prolific Pasture is extremely short, about two to three months. But with its high yield rate and unnnaturally quick maturation rate, it makes up for it.

Fauna & Flora

Unlike most other farming fields, pests such as rodents, bugs, or wild animals, don't bother this field. As such, there is no use of pesticides normally used to deter them.

Natural Resources

Despite the amount of abuse from nature, The Prolific Pasture is the most fertile area in the Divided States. When not being battered upon, crops grown here can yield nearly three times as much anywhere else. Alex Daddario Taylor has reserved the area and controls what is allowed to grow there for her own personal consumption. Tropical fruits such as mangoes, acai berries, and watermelon as well as cotton are what is typically grown here. In the years where she forgets to make mention of what to grow, the state The Prolific Pasture resides in determines what to plant.
Owning Organization

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