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The Grotto

"Local youth hangout they said, more like local death trap of social properties." -Unknown youth

Purpose / Function

The Grotto serves as a hangout location for teens and young adults. It has been turned into a skateboarding facility and a great place to throw a party.


Wooden ramps, track jump boards, and rails have been added to the inside of the building. A concrete pool was added to the outside of the building in the former parking lot upon request and is of dual purpose. It can either be used when empty for skateboarding or can be filled and be used as a regular pool. Some old furniture including chairs, tables, and nightstands have been added to make the building more hospitable. There is running water, but not of the best quality and is not recommended for consumption. There is no electricity, the building is lit with candles, flashlights, and lamps when being used at night. In the event a party is thrown here, portable generators are used. Very little maintenance is done to the building because no one is technically sanctioned to be there.


The Grotto was an abandoned warehouse or factory even before the outbreak. Upon the creation of Dovahnor and subsequently Dragon's Heart, teenagers spent time looking to get away from the new dangers of life. Some teenagers found the location and began hanging out here. Others quickly followed suit. It's been turned into a makeshift skate park. No one person is directly in charge, but there is a hierarchy of respect depending on your rank and popularity.
Alternative Names
The Warehouse
Parent Location


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