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Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Feminine names typically end in a or e

Masculine names

Masculine names typically end in o or i

Unisex names

Unisex names typically end in a consonant letter or any other vowel not mentioned

Family names

The Soskey do not have surnames, typical to most of the world.
Unformally, there is only mention of the same-sex parent.
For example; Agu son of Allo
Formally, there is mention of both parents.
Fore example; Agu son of Allo and Brava

Other names

Soskey = Blood Horses


Major language groups and dialects

The Soskey speak mainly English, but some smaller clicks speak other native american languages such as Navajo.

Average technological level

The Soskey are a rudimentary group who dislike most technology, considering it a danger to nature.

Coming of Age Rites

For boys wishing to become men, they must go through a ritualistic beating. Men gather face to face creating a sort of tunnel or narrow corridor in which the boys must run through while being beaten with a variety of tools such as, spears, rocks, staffs, metal rods, and whatever else a person could hold that wouldn't immediately kill them. If the boys fall, refuse to go through, or are knocked unconscious, they are castrated.
There is no coming of age rite for girls, but there are skills a girl typically needs to know to be considered a woman, such as how to hunt, kill, and ride a horse.

Common Taboos

It is considered extremely taboo to kill or be near a pregnant woman when she dies.


Beauty Ideals

The Soskey do not focus on looks of typical beauty in Western terms. To them, the natural being of a person is the most beautiful form. Meaning, no alterations including, make-up, hair dyes, shaving, excessive grooming, etc. If it is the way you were born, it is what they consider beautiful.

Gender Ideals

At the beginning of the existence of the Soskey, gender based on sex, was very skewed in favor of males. Much like the rest of the world, men had control over the women and children for reasons of strength alone. Women were imprisoned in their homes and treated more like cattle than human beings. They were used to create future male warriors and that was their most important function. This much changed when Alex Daddario Taylor became aware of the group and offered the women liberation and freedom. They accepted and Alex had the male Soskey who refused to change gathered and executed. Those who remained would be put under the control of the women and treated exactly as they had been before.  

The women of the Soskey are bold, loud, caring, social, and protective. They control most of the group and are hellbent on never seeing the Soskey return to the previous gender standards.
The men of the Soskey have become timid, quiet, isolated, submissive, and loyal. While older men remember the days of their dominance, the younger ones do not and can not. They enjoy their station in life as it is never as bad as it was for the women.

Major organizations

The Soskey are tightly connected to the Dovahnor. They are considered Hell-riders of war and are used to slaughter enemies in the field with their superior horse riding capabilities. Before the change in gender balance, the Soskey were a group of always warring horde looking to kill or enslave whatever other native tribes they came across. After Alex's intervention and execution of their worst males, the group become less blood-lusting but were still extremely skilled killers. Alex put their skills to use for her own benefits.
Related Organizations

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