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Sil Naak

Historical Basis

Sil Naak is based on Alex Daddario Taylor and her habit of eating people who trespass into her forest. It combines mostly the truth of her actions, with lies for her reasoning. Alex eats people who trespass into her forest either out hunger or punishment.


The story of Sil Naak is a story told to children in order to teach them to avoid exploring forests and caves. It started in Dragon's Heart in order to prevent children from entering Alex Daddario Taylor's home forest where she has made it legal for her to consume anyone who enters her territory. The story, coupled with the accounts of children who saw Alex in her feral form, but were spared, spread rapidly. It got to the point where adults were telling it to each other, but it was never spoken of in public. Teenagers, however, being at the age of rebellion, did the exact opposite and began a trend of trespassing for the thrill of danger. This trend quickly became dangerous and Alex began spare fewer people who entered her forest.

Variations & Mutation

In the beginning, Sil Naak was blatantly called Xela, the reverse of Alex. It was quickly changed when she caught wind of it.
In some versions of the story, instead of a wolf, Sil Naak is a deformed dragon who was shunned by the sky for his deformities and so began eating people in anger.
In another variation, Sil Naak is a dragon during the day and a wolf at night who torments both the skies and land.

Cultural Reception

The story of Sil Naak is a Dovahnor only myth. Other countries have never heard of or spread the story of Sil Naak.
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