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Rank 05


  • Citizen of Dovahnor for a minimum of 10 years
  • Nothing more than a single misdemeanor
  • One Rank 5 pledger
  • 25 personal vouchers
  • 25 professional vouchers
  • Five vouchers from rank 5 persons- optional


A person wishing to increase their rank from level 4 to 5 must put in an application for promotion at the Official Ranking Bureau(ORB). An investigation will be started and the person will be looked into by an ORB worker. If they meet the requirements they will be ranked up and the benefits of their new rank will take effect immediately. Rank 5 is the highest level a non-governmental citizen can reach.


  • Higher basic income
  • Personal rifle ownership
  • Larger amount of respect

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Anyone at this level can be demoted for any reason by a person ranked 15 and higher. An appeal can be filed at the Official Ranking Bureau(o) to open an investigation if a person thinks they have been demoted unjustly or as a form of retaliation.
Civic, Honorific
Alternative Naming
Greater Citizen
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