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The permanent residents of Oceanside are very diverse in race and age, but the majority of the village are female.


Oceanside has terrible defenses. They only have a wooden gate, made from sharpened bamboo sticks, protecting the only road in or out of the village. Since the village is surrounded by dense forestry, they did not feel the need to build walls, which has led to them being attacked by surprise several times. First by Rick's group during the build-up to the Saviour war and then a few times by bandits.

Industry & Trade

After surrendering control to Alex, Oceanside was allowed to make of themselves whatever they wanted. Since the location was previously a camp and since they were so close to the ocean, they began tourism. Through the tourists, they are able to sell off personally made crafts, surfboards, and other ocean-related items enough to make good profits.


Oceanside consists of several camping buildings. The buildings are for resident use only, tourists must bring their own form of shelter, which varies from fifth-wheel campers to RVs to just a tent and sleeping bags.   There are restrooms and showers provided for tourists.


Oceanside was a secret retreat away from the world after the Saviors killed the males of the group. After the Saviour war, they joined Michonne's coalition. After the events with the Mountain Men, they decided to join Dovahnor and be under Alex's rule. Alex permitted them to stay in Michonne's coalition, as long as they remained loyal to the country as a whole.


People come from western areas of Virginia to enjoy Oceanside's beach. The Oceanside beach is a great place for surfing, cookouts, and bonfires, especially during the summer months. Fishing off the coast is another popular activity found at Oceanside.   As long as the residents stay on the beaches, the summer is a peaceful and enjoyable event for everyone. However, problems arise when tourists disrespect the rules set by the locals such as drinking heavily, theft, littering, and using an excessive amount of drugs. Alex will not tolerate disrespect towards the Oceanside locals and so anyone banned from returning is likely to face some jail time if they break enough rules.
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