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Lycanthrope is a human with the ability to shapeshift into a wolf or wolf-like creature either purposely or through an affliction.
  Lycanthrope comes in two forms.
Werewolves, humans who can shift fully into wolves.
Lycans, humans who shift into bipedal wolf-like creatures.

Transmission & Vectors

Lycanthrope is transmitted through voluntary and involuntary bites, curses, or natural birth from lycanthrope infected parents.


The cause of lycanthrope is supernatural and has not been well studied in this world. After the Yellowstone Eruption, what little knowledge was had about the cause was lost. Now the only ones who know of the beginning are Tri-Blood Hybrids and their descendants.
The first case of lycanthrope was through a young adult named William who was bitten by a rabid wolf.


Depending on the method of infection, the lycanthrope is not curable. In the event, that lycanthrope was caused by a curse the most popular remedy is to purge the body with wolfsbane. A dangerous procedure that will most likely to result in killing the inflicted.


The only prevention to lycanthrope is to be infected with a different supernatural virus such as Vampirism.


The first recorded case of lycanthrope is said to be William Corvinus he and his twin brother Marcus Corvinus were bitten by a rabid wolf and bat, respectively, and were infected with a newborn disease.

Cultural Reception

During the 1800's the reveal of lycanthrope lead to a purging of those infected. Eventually, after failing to create a cure for lycanthrope, werewolves were allowed to live their lives as regular humans. Restitutions were made for those alive and their families, but typically only first world countries abided by this.

In developing countries, lycanthrope is still considered blasphemy, a curse, and immoral, and they are killed for their condition. Lycanthrope, however, is not considered a reason to seek asylum into first world countries.

In the 21st century, lycanthrope is much more accepted worldwide and discrimination is almost unheard of in developed countries as they have become a desirable condition.

Those inflicted with lycanthrope had a slightly easier time surviving Yellowstone Eruption than humans.

Chronic, Acquired & Congenital
Affected Species


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