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Jason Eklund

Jason Eklund

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Jason is tall, but lanky and skinny, unlike his father who is solidly built. This has made him somewhat self-conscious about his physical stature.

Mental characteristics

Personal history


Jason went to the University of Virginia and earned his law degree, the same as his father. He was very unhappy as a lawyer, but couldn't imagine what else to do.


Jason worked with his father for some time as a lawyer.

Failures & Embarrassments

In high school, Jason impregnated a classmate. He tried ignoring her hoping she would leave him alone, but instead she went to his father. His father then forced him to help the girl no matter what decision she made. Eventually, the girl decided to have an abortion, and Engres had Jason pay for the entire operation, trip to and from the clinic, as well as any therapy she wanted or needed for a year. Jason greatly resents his father for this and has since held women in a low opinion.

Personality Characteristics


Jason follows in his father's footsteps, though he doesn't get much joy from anything in life. He's just moving along.
Current Location
Early 30s
Aligned Organization

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