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The minimum qualification to become a governor is obtaining a high school diploma. Other non-required, though preferred qualifications include, earning a bachelor's degree, being a native resident of the state, previous political experience, and being extroverted.

Career Progression

Governors are chosen from a variety of different career paths. Some come into the position through political savviness, high-end connections, and political favors while others through hard work, pavement pounding, and community connections. State governors are chosen by the King and Lietenut governors are chosen by state governors though the citizens of the state do influence who the King can choose from for the position of governor.

Payment & Reimbursement

Governors receive a salary that varies slightly depending on the state they live in. Their pay is salaried and not hourly, meaning that they typically do not have a set schedule.

Other Benefits

Aside from prestige and bragging rights, governors typically do not have any inherent benefits. The more corrupt governors, however, tend to trade favors with companies, other governors, and private businesses due to the power of their position.



The purpose of a governor is to handle the governance of the people at a state level. They are a part of the executive/legislative section of governance and partake in deciding things such as stated budgets and spending, state laws, and other functions that improve the quality of life for the entirety of their state.


Governors were implemented early by Alex after the country's collapse. During the first five years after the collapse, the governors worked more similar to military generals or overseers for Alex to ensure that the people were following the new laws and contributing their part to the new country. After stabilizing and establishing a set territory, Alex removed some governors and allowed the people of those states to provide suggestions for new governors. Since then governors have taken a more political versus military role within their states' governance.


Dangers & Hazards

Governors are subject to assassinations, harassment, kidnappings, and terrorism due to their part in making laws and controlling funding.
Each state has only 1 governor and 1 lieutenant governor
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