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Diane 'Shitshow'

Vulture Diane (a.k.a. Shitshow)

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Diane's mother abandoned her at a Firehouse station at the age of 3 so as to save her from her father who had been threatening to kill her. Instead of waiting like she had been told to do, she wandered off and became lost. She was eventually picked by police officers and sent to a group home. At the age of 12, she ran away from the group home.¬†Alex Daddario¬†found her begging on the streets of Chicago at age 13. She took her in temporarily until she found a lesbian couple who wanted her. Diane ran away from the couple a few days later and Alex had to return her. She ran away once again and so Alex decided to bring her into her group of rogue agents where she was taught skills that would be useful for a life of crime.    

Mental Trauma

Diane has abandonment issues and likes being with someone familiar at all times.

Personality Characteristics


Diane's only priority is the safety and happiness of Alex Daddario. She has forsaken all romantic and most platonic relationships so that she can focus on keeping the most important people to Alex alive and well. Because of this, she has become best friends with Enid Rhee who is Alex's adopted daughter and also the leader of The Valkyries2.


Religious Views

Biological Sex
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

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