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D.B. Cooper

D.B. Cooper (a.k.a. The Key, Dan Cooper)

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The history of D.B. Cooper is not known, even to his most devoted followers. There have been some speculations as to who he was, but the world was left in more mystery after his great plane hijacking heist.

The Beginning

The first recorded history of D.B. Cooper was recalled by his longest time loyal follower, John David Miller. The two had met in a local bar where D.B. Cooper shared his supposed "visions" and Miller was enthralled. After more discussions, Cooper was able to convince Miller to sell his home and purchase a Type A motor home. Afterward, the two created a meager following.  

The Cult

D.B. Cooper's cult gained ATF and FBI attention after the disappearance of a 16-year-old girl, Angela Ross. Her parents knew of her involvement with the cult but were not concerned as they had met with D.B. Cooper and found him very charming. After 2 months of no contact with their daughter and everyone from the cult avoiding contact with them, they reported her missing. The local police began an investigation but were met with hostility and a large number of weapons. In response, they contacted the ATF and FBI for assistance.  

The Disappearance

After the joint operation raid between the ATF and FBI on the cult's compound, D.B. Cooper was nowhere to be found. As the majority of the members were taken alive, they were interrogated thoroughly, but the ATF and FBI came up with little information about who D.B. Cooper was.   The Hijacking D.B. Cooper bought a plane ticket under the name of Dan Cooper. He took a seat at the back of the plane and called over one of the stewards. He showed her a bomb and proceeded to demand 1 million dollars in unmarked $100 bills, 2 pairs of parachutes,   The Mystery




It was assumed that D.B. Cooper may have earned a degree as he was well-spoken, intelligent, well-read, and appeared to know some college-level subjects.


Religious Views

D.B. Cooper's religious views were fluctuating and very fluid. He was able to convince his followers of just about anything as long as it helped him achieve his goal.
Divine Classification
Known Languages
D.B. Cooper may have been able to speak french.

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