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Day of Daenerys

"You all can thank Dany for this. For all of it. If it was left to me, to who I truly am, none of you would be here, but because of her you have a home and you have hope and yet... none of you could save her." -Alex Taylor


Day of Daenerys is a day of remembrance for all those lost to provide for the living. While the exact day of Daenerys Targaryen's death is only known to a few highly ranked members, the public has created a week-long celebration in her name.


The Frist Day is always a day of grief and mourning. People are encouraged to cry, share their pain, and seek emotional help from others. The surrounding air is often heavy and dark, and most normal activities come to a stop. People stay at home with their families or visit the multiple Morghe Guēse(Deadwood).
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