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Sovereign Illrina's Eagle Necklace

Like their former masters, the fei, elves wear lots of jewelry and Sovereign Ilrina Vethnis is no exception. Of all her jewelry, it is her necklace, etched with the pattern of an eagle that is the most famous. It's design which is reminiscent of the Zhaliyan flag has made it a symbol of Ilrina's power as sovereign. Many people speculate that there is more to her necklace than simply being a symbol and rumors range from it being magical to it being from Sovereign Alytharn.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Many rumors say that the necklace has more than just symbolic value and that it is magical. Due to its alleged connection to Alytharn many think that it at least is made of planar metal. Additionally, it is said to have many other properties like allowing its wearer to fly, shielding its wearer from harm, and enhancing the creations of its wearer.


Sovereign Ilrina is known to be very found of the necklace and almost never seen without it, especially while acting as sovereign. Ilrina is known to have worn the necklace before the crown of Zhaliya and it is just as much a symbol of her power as sovereign as the crown is. The necklace's main design of an eagle with outstretched wings is said to have inspired part of the Zhaliyan flag. The importance of the necklace is strengthened by rumors that it originally belonged to Sovereign Alytharn . How exactly Ilrina gained it is subjuct to speculation with some claiming that the two were once lovers, others saying it was through trickery, and still others claiming that she ripped it from his neck before fleeing through the portal to the Disputed Plane. No matter how it was said to be obtained, these rumors have made the necklace at least partially a symbol of the elves escape from Feiri and their new independence.
Item type
Jewelry / Valuable
Current Location
Current Holder
Raw materials & Components
The necklace appears to be made out of gold with various gemstones for extra decoration.
The necklace is at least in the style associated with the fei with thin, elegant pieces of gold wire forming intricate designs. The chain is made up of interlocking wire shaped in curving, windlike and featherlike patterns and small gemstones are woven into these patterns. The eagle itself is outlined with gold wire with gemstones forming the feathers and eyes.

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Cover image: Sovereign Ilrina's Eagle Necklace by Anonymous (Poland)


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16 Jan, 2021 00:02

Sounds beautiful - I wonder how many rumours are true.

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