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Air Touched Pengiuns

Written by invadersforever

These aquatic birds have been touched by the magic of the elemental air. They live along the northern coast of the Dragon lands , and are often companions of the {northern coast} dragon blessed. The magic allows the birds to hold their breath longer than their normal cousins, and to release great bursts of air as a defense mechanism. They are also very good at leading their dragon blessed to other magical creatures and items.    

"Who's a good penguin? You are. Yes you are. The bestest penguin in the whole world!"  
  • Duuloa Nargied , feared rebel leader, talking to his favourite lieutenant
  • Basic Information


    Air Touched Penguins are very similar to normal ones, though they tend to be slightly shorter and rounder. They have a small head, a slightly rounded beak, flippers, and a long body with very short legs. The main difference from normal penguins is their magical third lung. This organ is larger than a normal lung and allows them to hold their breath for a very long time. It also allows them to release all the air in their bodies with incredible force as a self-defense mechanism.

    Ecology and Habitats

    Air touched penguins live along the Northern Coast region of the Dragon lands. They prefer to live on ice or tundra, but they will follow their dragon blessed or family everywhere.

    Additional Information

    Social Structure

    Penguins live in family groups in the wild and in dragon blessed villages. They often include dragon blessed as part of their family structure.  
    "She's not a pet, she's my sister!"   A Young Dragon Blessed, talking about his penguin

    Average Intelligence

    Penguins are very intelligent creatures who can be trained to aid with a variety of tasks, including hunting, scouting, religious rituals, and companionship.

    Perception and Sensory Capabilities

    The air touched penguins also have the ability to sense traces of magic, and thus can lead their owners to powerful quarry. Due to this they are often used to help in hunting, or as companion animals.
    Art was made in hero forge.
    50 years
    Average Height
    0.61 to 1.22 meters
    Average Weight
    4.5 to 13.6 kg
    Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
    The feathers of an air-touched penguin are typically brown, grey, and white. They usually have yellow or green eyes.
    Geographic Distribution

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    15 Jul, 2022 12:44

    What lovely little creatures! I'd love to hear more about their social structures and how they came to include the dragon blessed in their families in the future :)

    Seek a new dawn, in Malkora!
    Check out Antecedents, my entry for On the Shoulders of Giants!
    16 Jul, 2022 02:47

    I think they're relatively similar to most pets. They are raised by/with the dragon blessed and place them somewhere within their social structure, most likely under the label "provider of yummy fish snacks and warm napping spots."