The Recurring Nightmare

By Which The Ocean Wears Down The Shore

The Recurring Nightmare is the event which sparks this tale. Night after night The Director sends Terrors and Horrors after the The Reliable Narrator testing and traumatizing her for unknown reasons.   Though these attacks aren't consistent or constant, they occur enough to give the The Reliable Narrator trauma which makes him thusly less likely to want to sleep. She assures you this is fine. It is in a way it isn't, because fine is a fine way to live but there are nicer ways to be.   So it goes.   The Recurring Nightmare takes many forms, each one insidious.
On nights where the Director sends Terrors it tears up the dreamscape with monsters and fright—whispering stories of betrayal and dead friends, loss at the fault of the Reliable Narrator for which he must be blamed and loath himself. He wakes up in a cold sweat, and carries a dread.
On nights where the Director sends Horrors it builds tension with master strokes and drama, intrigue and love. And when the Reliable Narrator is fully invested the Director destroys her. His heart fissures. Her tears flow. The pain is carried in the depths of his heart.
  So it goes.
An in the night I will come for you.   And by the day,
    By my devise
Your exhaustion will destroy you.


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