The Director

The Director is the ultimate self, antithetical not in construction   or intent   but in placement of the story.
  The Director is the necessary antagonist, the mirror of the monarch who has to stand for the right thing in the wrong way because there cannot be any hero cast from nothing—a hero is only born when their mettle is tested, and so The Reliable Narrator cast The Director of the self antithetical to the self.   The Director reflects like water.   The Director drowns like water.  
Drone is controlled by The Director?
  The story has lost its own plot, or has been forgotten, or has been erased so that, like a broken bone broken again, on purpose, the mind can set rightness right this time.
This is just a story I'm telling myself, this is just recursion on the process.   Iteration after iteration, picking over, plucking undone, woven anew by a triad of hands that are really just one?
The Reliable Narrator
The Director


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