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Smilers are a species of sentient shapeshifting spheroids native to Smiler Planet. Smilers come in a variety of colours and textures, and through extensive trade and interaction with Earth, have become common throughout the DesChaVerse.

Basic Information


Smilers are, at their core, a large sphere that possess a face. On either side of a Smiler are its two arm-buds, which can morph small finger pads to help it hold and control things. Some variants of Smiler possess foot-buds, which allow them to land on the ground, as most Smilers simply hover. Additional appendages, different extremities, body additions (antennae, wings, hair).

Genetics and Reproduction

Smilers can assume any gender; in order to exchange genetic information, they meld by touching. Smilers can produce offspring by budding off new Smilers; this is energy-intensive and requires intense effort by the Smiler creating the budding.   Smiler buds can enter a hibernation state - when they do, the bud takes on the consistency of an ovoid the size of an ostrich egg. On Earth, the Smiler League have learned to harness manipulation of the genetic material within a bud-egg to generate a Smiler based on a completely different variety from its parent.

Growth Rate & Stages

Most Smilers are ametabolous, i.e. they simply start as a small Smiler and just grow into an average size. Earth Smilers begin fully grown, thanks to the Smiler League's advancements in Smiler generation for the League. Atis-Akis Smilers in particular go through complete metamorphosis.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Smilers are omnivorous and will are non-preferential for most food, although some Smilers have taken on the Earth habit of remaining vegetarian. Where possible, Smilers prefer liquid food sources.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

Smilers have no nose nor visible ears (their body is its own sense organ). They can have one or two eyes with eyebrows, and a mouth (teeth are morphed in to pronounce certain sounds).

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Smilers can be found everywhere from Smiler Planet to Earth to Tifalden and beyond.

Average Intelligence

Smilers are of equal or higher average intelligence to humans.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Naming traditions for native Smilers vary wildly throughout the various nations of Smiler Planet, while Earth Smilers, those from Smiler League, those from Tifalden and other lands are subject to the naming conventions of their particular environments.


Extradimensional travelers from DesCha discovered the Smilers, and from there, trade and interaction started. From there, Smilers found their way (through Nexus) to the other connected worlds of the DesChaverse.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Smilers have learned to peacefully co-exist with humans. Dealings with other races in the DesChaverse are a bit more frayed; e.g. their relationship with the Tempera of Quiram and the non-humans of Tifalden are a source of frustration for the Smiler community at large.

Scientific Name
Polymorphus Sapiens Sapiens
75 years
Average Height
0.6m - 0.8m
Average Weight
20kg - 30kg
Average Physique
Smilers are always round, and as such do not have what would be considered a 'tone' or 'obese' physique.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Smiler body colours come in all colours and glossiness, from standard matte colourations in Smiler Planet, to glossy "crystalline" variants in Tifalden.

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