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[CC] 9.05 It's Tea Time


When Ivelanti Spandau begins to quiz John Doe regarding the person he surrendered to the Council of Magisters, he dodges her questions and acts generally aloof, causing her to leave in frustration. Meanwhile, Rei Shikoku does her best to avoid some rather shady individuals who have come to visit her at the zoo. Astrid L’Estrange and Matthäus are nowhere to be found.   The Book Club decide to capitalise on their fame by livestreaming their ongoing adventures via a wireless webcam attached to Mori Seiran’s armour. Returning at night to analyse the tunnel left behind by the bugs during their attack on Gladwell Park, the crew discover the insect queen and a massive brood of eggs surrounding Earl Grey plotting on a computer, flanked by minions Bangers and Mash. A battle ensues, wherein a bear rips the minions as much as possible, a hole is punched right through the robotic Earl Grey, and the large slug-like insect queen takes a Mash to the gut, causing it to explode and releasing a torrent of insect queen slime onto the unsuspecting public above ground. The crew return to the mansion, confident in their actions, leaving the clean-up to DEIMOS.

Parent Plot
DesCha Season 9

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