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[CC] 9.03 Hi.


T-Swizzle appears in a press conference to announce the existence of the Book Club to the general public. Hinting to his ambiguous relationship to DEIMOS (infuriating its director), he proceeds to announce the names of the other members: Tigress, Dr. Eclipse, Spectre and Spanner.   Meanwhile, at Starkwell Manor, the rest of the Book Club (minus Tigress) are trying to analyse the videos they secured from their previous outing when Benjamin reports on a disturbance at the Central City Museum, and that T-Swizzle is the first responder.   Upon arrival at the museum, T-Swizzle finds it easy to fight the small fry, but is knocked back by an energy blast. He calls for backup, and the rest of the team make their way by helicopter while a bear attacks one of the unsuspecting henchmen.   Heading into the museum, the Book Club fight a mysterious assailant, and eventually subdue him while trying to fend off Agent Ueno and all DEIMOS interests.   Taking him back to Starkwell Manor, Dr. Eclipse attempts to pry into the person’s mind when he encounters a pale white face that says “hi”. He immediately convinces the other members to surrender the man to the Council of Magisters at Biblos.   The day ends with the Book Club watching the sudden rise of their fans and (horrible) cosplayers.

Parent Plot
DesCha Season 9
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