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[CC] 9.02 Woofu! Woofu Woofu!

When a Central City bank is stolen from under mysterious circumstances, the Book Club arrives to investigate. Upon tricking the police with yet another stolen police cruiser, the crew examines one of the bank guards. With the employees temporarily blinded and the bank completely emptied in under half an hour, John Doe scans a bank guard's mind and finds out that a masked character had indeed carried out the theft with some assistance. Further attempts to investigate is interrupted by DEIMOS interference (represented by Agent Ueno).   While the majority of the Book Club returns to Starkwell Manor to think it over, Rei morphs into a rat to sneak and observe, and after observing the medical team healing the employees finds an electronic arachnid spying on the bank and transmitting the information. She captures it and tries to fly (by turning into a lesser kestrel) into Starkwell Manor, only to be shot down by the Manor's artillery services. She crashes into the garage where Astrid is working and they work on repairing it while John Doe releases the houndmaids to find the interloper.   Upon calling back the houndmaids (minus a few stragglers), John Doe gives Astrid a workshop to allow her to fully repair the object. Upon completion, Mori (as T-Swizzle) and John take the spider to the edge of DesCha national border to trace the destination of the broadcast signal (almost running foul of Director Grade Noriaki). Having traced a signal all the way to DesCha North, the crew travel with all speed to an abandoned barn, where Matthaus, Mori and Astrid disable the guards. Astrid finds the home base of the spying arachnids, and after transferring some data across notices yet another one spying on them. John shoots it, and triggers a plastique detonator. The crew escape with a hard drive of data just as the barn explodes, and the Book Club return to Starkwell Manor to ponder over the data.   Meanwhile, the arachnids positioned around the perimeter of Starkwell Manor continue to observe events as they unfold...



Report 0902

Parent Plot
DesCha Season 9

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