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[CC] 9.01 The Book Club


Chaos erupts at the Central City Peace Park when Ballista, an armed assailant, begins attacking the area near the zoo. A weird assortment of characters arrive: Mori Seiran, a tin can with a pretentious loudspeaker voice; Matthius, a semi-opaque humanoid wearing a poncho; John Doe, a butler; Benjamin Black, his young charge; Astrid L'estrange, a car mechanic, and Rei Shikoku, a Bengal tiger. The parties manage to subdue the assailant, and various parties are apprehended and questioned by Agents of DEIMOS.   Eventually these loosely-allied parties assembled at Starkwell Manor, where John Doe proposes they form a 'book club'. (Almost) all parties agree to this, although what this actually involves remains a mystery.

Plot type
Parent Plot
DesCha Season 9

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