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The darkned world

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It can be scary what magic can do to people. Once you have tried it you dont want to stop. That is what happend the land of Irion.
  What once was an great world is now only a peice of its former glory. Once the human was an great race working togheter living in peace.
But it all changed when they met the faey. Since they lookd like humans the humans thought they were harmless. But they were evrything except harmless.
The feay possesd magical powers which fasinated the humanss. But how hard the human tried they could not use magic like faey. They studied and tried everything but they could not use magic.

Or they couldnt until the faey deided to "help". They cast an powerful spell to share their magic with an human. Many people flockd to the faey asking for their power. At first it seemd fine. The humans was happy and the faey was happy to share.
But that was until they shared the light magic. That magic changed the humans. What once had been an peacful rase got more aggresiv. Those who got the light magic belived they were the primal rase and that everyone else needed to disapear...
Afriad of what they saw those without light magic went to war, hunting those with light magic. it ended in a bloodhsed as the human had killd every single one of those with light magic.

  But then the human saw what they had done too other humans, they saw what had happend with the peace. They got mad and blamed those who granted the man magic in the first place. 
They went out too hunt the faey away from their land. The faey ofcourse had seen what had happend too those with light magic and decided to run. They ran and hide where the man didnt bother to follow, the darklands. And now to this day they live in the land where the sun dont shine plotting how they are going to defeat man kind.

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