Those who live in Dorsill can not consider themselves kin of Dane. Their lineage draws deeper than that. Older than the Ardennian incursion, more weathered than the Giants of Ilbar. They were here with the ancients, they are an ancient people.
— Anonymous Scholar
  The Dorsillians are a people within the Kingdom of Dane that originate from the vast forests of the Orynfell Valley. Dorsillians are a hardy yet suspicious people who live in small, tight communes.


Shared customary codes and values

Survival is considered the utmost priority in Dorsill, a trait that is instilled in the people at a young age. Many live modest, yet simple lives. While currency is considered the main form of wealth, it is not uncommon for folk to barter for supplies, a tradition which has remained since before the Ardennian incursion. Precious items, such as family heirlooms, are often hidden and rarely worn in public unless there is call for occassion.   Dorsillians are deeply invested in both hearth and home, as well as keeping familial traditions alive. Dorsillians, unlike the rest of Dane, commonly possess large families consisting of many generations. They possess a strange, yet interconnected sense of social cohesion that, when event arise, allows them to act together against any outsiders if they have been mistreated.   Dorsillians aren't talkative, to an extent that many often greet or speak to each other with simple grunts. They possess an almost unnaturally cynic view on life, finding humor in even the darkest of subjects.   Many in Dorsill have a hypocritic mentality when it comes to death. To them, outsiders who die in Dorsill are considered "unworthy", often called "pups", do to their inexperience. Yet, when fellow Dorsillians die, it is considered a trauma to the community. Funerals are held, stories are shared, and drinks are had. Because death is a common occurrence in Dorsill, grieving periods are very short and people tend to move on quickly.
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