Church of the Divine Light

Let the light of Ilia's flame guide us, lest we are consumed by its wrath.
— Prayer of a Sun-Touched Priest
  The Church of the Divine Light, also known as The Sun-Touched Faith or "The Sundry," is a prominent religion in the Sovereign Kingdoms. Those who follow this faith are known as Sun-Touched.

Tenets of Faith

The Beliefs of the Faith

The Church of the Divine Light is widespread across the continent, to the point where even those who do not actively follow the faith may swear to their gods or pray to them in desperation. The church follows a strict hierarchy, with a faceless authorative council of the highest officials intrepreting the works of canon and belief.
Core Beliefs
  • Proselytizing. The main goal of the Sun-Touched Faith is to spread its doctrine to all four corners, to the world's highest reaches and its deepest depths in effort to save all souls from the Darkness.
  • Enlightenment. It is believed that all peoples who possess a soul can follow the light, as well as guide or inspire others through virtuous acts and behaviors. Force is often seen as a last resort.
  • Sanctuary. The Light of the Church welcomes all into its embrace and will protect all seeking safe harbor from the Darkness and evils of this or any world.
The Blinding Sins
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The High Council of the Divine Flame

We do not question the will of those who speak with the light. They guide us to our salvation. They shall not be questioned, lest we wish to feel the smite of their divine wrath.
— A Sun-Touched Priest
  The High Council of the Divine Flame is made up of the highest, most regnant officials of the faith. It is their sole duty to translate, intrepret, and make decisions that guard the core tenets of the faith. More TBA.   The members of this council are required to live in secrecy, lest the outside world and its corrupting forces influence their decisions. All members of the council are treated as equals, designated the title of "Sible," to account for both genders. The only member not given this title is the Divine Speaker, who acts as an orator of the meeting and regulates conversation and debate to ensure all matters are dealt with in a timely manner. The Divine Speaker is rotated every meeting to ensure fairness and equality.

Light, Hope, Salvation

Sun God Symbol
Religious, Organised Religion
Alternative Names
Sun-Touched Faith
Church of the Lightbearers
Subsidiary Organizations
Within the last century, members within the church have begun to reintrepret and even corrupt the understanding of the tenets as ordained by the Divine Council. Led by rogue priests, these members believe that the Branding is not a curse caused by the faith, but a rebirth and blessing. Going so far as to believe that the Branding is given so allkind can burn away the "sinful, destructive old world" and replace it with a new world. This faction is opposed by the main church and members who wear its symbol are excommunicated or jailed.   Members are known as Rekindled.


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