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The Trenin is an aquatic species endemic to the planet of Quasi Marastir. They are Semi-intelligent and communicates using a combination of squeals and clicks. While they spend most of their time in the water, they are known to make rare excursions to the land, where they're known to the Voroptians as nuisances who are known to kill livestock for food.   Little is known about Trenin society other than that they live in groups of no larger than twenty, and are usually led by a matriarch of advanced age.   Legends about the species are plentiful and chief among these stories is the tale "The Trenin Forebears", which posits that in ages past the Trenin was an advanced space-faring race knowledgable of both the Yuin Dar and the true nature of the Dark Inbetween Place 'The Maybe'.    Whatever the case may be, the Trenin who now exists shows no resemblance to those of legend. This leads some to believe they somehow de-evolved into these primitive beings, perhaps at the behest of the Yuin-Dar.

Basic Information


Strangely humanoid in appearance, their blue-green skin and large eyes however easily sets them apart.

Ecology and Habitats

Living in the deep oceans of Quasi Marastir, the Trennin only makes rare excursions to the islands and landmasses above.
Geographic Distribution

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