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Ooma-1 Cluster

The Ooma-1 Cluster is a dimensional plane adjacent to the Voropti System dimension.  


  Excerpt of The Chronicles, Chapter VII by Chronicler Fharal Ælix "The Ooma-1 Dimension is one of the oldest and largest dimensional planes in existence and was formed shortly after the Yuin-Dar Alketh emerged from the void between the Maybe.   The Tribal Cantons of Arqo who predates the Houses and the Order of Yuin-dar through their oral traditions we now know they erroneously thought that His existence itself gave birth to the dimension and that without Alketh there was no Ooma-1.   Modern theories however hold that the Ooma-1 dimension is much, much older. It is in fact incomprehensibly old. So old it predates all the Yuin-Dar by millions of years."  


The Voroptian Archmagister Antherius discovered the dimension during the Age of Chimeris, An age which saw widespread exploration and discovery throughout the Dark Maybe.
Alternative Name(s)
Ooma-1 Dimension
Dimensional plane
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