To you who reads me

The following folder contains one single text, which you can decipher. It is unnamed, undated, and you cannot recognize the paper on which it is written.   Dear reader,   First of all, thank you. Thank you for finding this vault, thank you for reading its content, and thank you for staying even afterwards.   If you came back after reading the first documents, you may have notice they are regularly changing. Reading more, you may find yourself understanding more text than you did at first. You may also notice some portraits, figure or entire texts that weren't in the folders before.   And yet, should you stay for long, you would never notice anyone entering to adjust the folder. They simply seem to adjust themselves, almost on their own.   Seems weird, doesn't it?   But don't worry, it is not something that simply comes from the Vault. Entering here was not really more of a mistake than entering the Library the way you did a while ago. In fact, if you start searching through all documents in here, you'll notice that a lot of documents change from times to times. They are edited, you can understand more of them, less of them... Or they simply move.   Do you want to know why?   Well, so do I.   I feel like the gathering of documents in this Vault share a common theme. Or at least, it seems they are part of a single web. Like they plan and show together a picture, that we still have to uncover. I want to uncover that picture, to unfoil that mystery.   I think I am the reason why documents change in the Library. Like I make them more decipherable, somehow. Or maybe, like I need to spend some time with them to have them understandable.   I don't understand how that works, but I am certain that this Vault can help me understand that. It wants to tell me something about Gretsor Barren and their disappearance, and I'll stay to listen. It wants to speak about the Deep Librarial Tribes, its organizations, and religious orders, so I'll stay to listen. And maybe, maybe then it'll tell me something about myself.   Keep reading. I know I will.

Cover image: by Pouaseuille


Author's Notes

I am aware this is a fairly weird document. It is very rough, and needs some improvement. At least, it is enough to help me achieve Silver, which is something! I will do my best to translate more fractions of the Library and the Vault as time passes. I am not quite done yet.   Thank you for reading!

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