The City Anima Cult

The anima cults are a large, ramified family of local animist cults found in virtually every city on the Cylinder, that has devotees both among humans and perrots. Although some animist cults among Tribal Perrots are related to the City Anima, that is far from the majority of the cases. The Anima cult is one of the rare animist religions that does not feature the existence of a Common mind, or any spiritual network linking people through their souls as its core beliefs.

Mythology & Lore

Believers of the City Anima believe that there is a finite number of souls in the world, and that this number does not change. When a soul dies, it gets reincarnated into a living organism. As a result, any living organism must be checked by the church before being eaten so that one does not accidentally eat the sentient soul of a relative.   Devotees also believe that once a soul dies, it suddenly experiences true and complete morale : it deeply understands whether it is worth being reincarnated as a sentient being or not.   The question of whether Perrots, Condors and other sapient species do always have a soul is a source of debate among the religious. Some human theologians pointed out that only humans are truly sentient beings, and thence are the only ones systematically having a soul. On the opposite, Perrot theologians proposed the exact same idea, except humans would be the soulless ones. Finally, a third school of thoughts even believe that even humans and Perrots do not always have a soul, and that the wicked are just soulless beings.


In City Anima, the Cult Hall plays a central role in the worshiper's daily life. It is the place where one can buy tolerated food or ensure its food is ethically good for consumption. What is more, every dozen days, all followers gather for half a day, where they will discuss their recent actions in regard to their moral values, and think about the signs they met that can indicate whether they are in the good path or not. The forum usually ends in ritual chants, that relate the epic story of mythical heroes, and how their actions led them to most likely be reincarnated as sentient beings or as superior spirits.   What is more, devoted believers are generally expected to reflect on their actions every day before sleep, and to do their best to correct their mistakes whenever they do some.


As mentionned earlier, the City Anima is a very diversified religion. That can be explained by the fact that the core idea that one cannot be sure that the moral values they learned are true, absolute moral values. As a result, the City Anima Cult pushes its followers to constantly look at moral and tenants of faith with scepticism, which has led the cult to evolve very differently in different places.   An example of the larger branches of the Anima cult is the Northern independant Anima cult, found in Crookentoft and cities above that. Devotees specifically believe that souls always get reincarnated more north than where you are. They believe the soul can be trapped in jewels to be moved further south. The further South you are, the more chances you get to be reincarnated in humans. As a result, a large and lucrative jewel business emerged from such cities : rich citizens give surprisingly large amounts of money to send expensive jewels of their loved ones as far away south as possible.
Religious, Organised Religion

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