Psilanos Mountain league

The Psilanos mountain league is a loose paramilitary organization composed of Cave Perrots, Mountain Hounds and Condors, trying to prevent the development of human settlements in the Psilanos Mountain range. It is, to this day, the only interspecies government that that include Mountain Hounds.

Demography and Population

Although communication with the League as a human is proving difficult, Perrots envoys from the Cartographic League have counted roughly 21 Hound villages (out of 25 in the mountain range), as well as 5 Perrot centers (out of the 8 present in the mountain range) that consider themselves part of the League. This represent a total population of about 1200 Hounds and 1500 Perrots. What is more, nearly one hundred Condor couples are closely communicating with the league.


The league is not an offensive military force, and its members very rarely directly attack the central plateau settlements. However, they are extremely efficient at preventing settlements from reaching the inner range : their knowledge of the mountain, topped by the impressive eyesight of the Condors, allow them to ambush and dreadfully kill anyone stepping too far in their territory.

Foreign Relations

Since the league was created in order to fight back agressive human settlements, it is mostly hostile toward any human, whether they are citizens of Merinos or not. However, Perrots and Mountain Hounds from other places in the cylinder are usually welcome, far more than in most other mountain governments.

Agriculture & Industry

As in most mountain cultures, the Mountain Hounds of Psilanos are raising horsets as cattle. However, unlike in other ranges, they do trade their meat and dairy products with Perrots and Condors.   The Perrots, in the same manner, are cultivating various plants and cave mushroom, and are producing ghost magic. They tend to trade their spices and their magic for some meat. Finally, the Condors, not producing any agricultural products, are trading their sustinence against full time work. Condors in the league are smiths, scriptwriters, and, most often, soldiers.
Founding Date
5310 AR
Military, Paramilitary/Militia
Alternative Names
Crescent mountains protection group
Training Level
Government System
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Barter system

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