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The Mindkind iconography is a very common cult among Perrots, both living in isolated areas and among humans. While its cosmological views are very diverse, its core systems of beliefs are similar in most branches. It is thought that the Mindkind iconography is one of the primary religious beliefs of Perrots, that was developed even before their assimilation in human societies.

Mythology & Lore

The Mindkind devotees believe in the importance of the Mind World: that universe created by the sum of cultural beliefs and psychological constructions of sentient beings is just as important as the material world. To push that further, given the fact that one's only way to experience the material world is through the mind's analysis of what senses perceive, the Mind World can be considered as even more real than the material world. Therefore, one's memories, representations, images, or cultural effects, are just as important as the physical person. Lacking respect toward an object linked to someone is tantamount to lacking respect toward said person.   While that core aspect of the Mindkind philosophy is respected even by non believing perrots, human beings never follow these idea, which has led to a largely spread dislike of Mindkind devotees toward humans.   Another aspect of the Mindkind system of beliefs is the existence of spirits. While they do not have a physical form, spirits are living, sentient souls that evolve inside of the Mind World. They are created by the psychological constructions and the interactions of people and cultures, and as a result can both influence and be influenced by local culture. Those local spirits, while created by the common psyche, are believed to be able to directly affect the physical world with their anger. As a result, local rites exist to appease them.     Mindkind devotees believe that while some shaman can perceive the Common Mind and not lose their whole sanity, a very low amount (4 is generally the accepted number) of chosen birds are members of a long line of spiritual reincarnation : while they eist in the material world, the majority of their existence is part of the mind world. As a result, they can travel through the Mind World without getting insane, as this is part of them. While these chosen ones shouldn't have political power, they are absolutely free from bird laws. Sadly, they are not free from human laws, and they are often forced to live as wanted fugitives secretely moving from town to town.


One of the main visual aspects of the Mindkind worship is the respect that Perrots have toward icons and artistic representations. Since one's statue or painting is considered as as important as the person, it is applied beak makeup in a similar manner as a living bird.   What is more, it is considered as particularly important for Mindkind devotees to be as fully aware as possible of what happens in one's locality. As a result, a lot of the major news services in cities are held by Mindkind devotees.
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