Middish Plains

Home to the Middelians, the Middish plains are green, wind swept landscapes stretching between the Thundric Sea in the South, the Hayerwins in the North, the Great Sheherp Fracture in the East, and finally the Western Giants in the West.   While it presents a rich and diverse ecosystem, its most characteristic feature is probably abundance of windmills, of all sizes and shapes, that are scattered on the landscape. These windmills are all the gathering point of a unique and individualized Middelian community, or are part of the historic center of larger towns.


Middelia consist in large plains, crossed by a loose network of rivers. While the rivers spring from several different mountain ranges, they all end up merging into Hugofourd, which flows directly into the Thundric Sea. Because of the easy means of transport that the rivers represent, they appear to be strategic points for trading, and while some Middelian settlements are located far from the rivers, most of the larger ones are in fact directly on some riverbanks.   In addition to the rivers, the Middish plains contain two large Mountain ranges : the Anglepreaks, and the Scerrywall mountain range. Both are feared by the locals, inhabited, and there is virtually no settlement directly north of them, in their shadow. However, both ranges are exploited for metal and Ghostpowder to a small extent, close to the river springs.
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