Upon approaching, you find documents sourced from the General Kylindrography Encyclopedia - Structures of the world. According to the tag on the folder, the text was taken from the fourteenth edition, published in 5495 AR. Numerous sources were compiled to produce the encyclopedia.   Dark, scary, and mysterious, the Underground of the Cylinder is not a pleasant place to stay in. Filled to the brim with Shadow Creatures, very little is known about its structure, and the few sources that can be found in the seemingly endless bookshelves of the Merinos Library are almost systematically contradictory with one another, and impossible to prove anyway without a direct exploration of the Caves, which appears to be impossible.   Inthis chapter, the authors will attempt to provide a sample of the most likely correct information regarding the vast caves system that compose the Cylinder World.  


  Although the ground on which us people walk around seems like a solid set of dirt and rocks, the majority of our world's underground is actually hollow. It seems to consist in hundreds of layers of tunnels, caves, and natural chambers, that are constantly formed and destroyed. According to the very few explorers who did survive and manage to protect enough of their sanity to still be able to speak, those caves are notably dark.  
The tunnel was dark, but it wasn't like ordinary darkness. Ordinary darkness is just lack of light. Your eyes can get somehow used to it, and you can solve the problem by lighting a torch anyway. No, this darkness was different. It was... Thicker. Heavier. Walking into it was slowing me down, and I could feel it slowly dripping into my head through my eyes. When I tried to light a candle to comfort myself, I had to keep the light straight under my nose, just to see the tip of the candle. When I was holding it at an arm's length, I couldn't even see the little flame burning, I could only feel its heat. No, this wasn't ordinary darkness.
Hydraphoria Fishery, one of the few librarians who explored the deepest tunnels of the library.


  The page appears covered in scribblemarks, which makes it indecipherable.  

Connection to the Spirit World

  Because of the presence of live ghostpowder everywhere in the caves, as well as of unnatural and surprising creatures, the distinction between the underground of the cylinder and the Spirit world are somewhat blurred. One can enter the caves, be consumed by a monster and end up wandering in the Spirit World for decades without even noticing the disparition of their own body.
Alternative Name(s)
Subcylindra, the Underworld
Underground / Subterranean
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