Anglepreaks mountain range

The Anglepreaks mountain range is located around a thousand kilometers in the North-West of Merinos. It is shaped like a long triangle, or a sided crescent three hundred kilometers in size. Not unlike every other Mountain range in the Cylinder, the Anglepreaks is meticulously feared by the local inhabitants, because of both the legendary and the very real monsters that haunt its peaks and arches.


The Geography of the mountain range is severely unknown. Or to be fair, just as severely unknown as every other mountain range's geography in the Cylinder. It is possible to see from afar that it most likely consists of gigantic peaks, arches, and plateaus several kilometers high. It is also suspected that a lot of glaciers are gathered around the center of the mountain, possibly around a particularly large peak. However, most other information that would be given about the range's internal geography would be based on pure mythology.

Fauna & Flora

Not much is known from the complex ecosystems that occupy the mountains. People usually assume that while some species can be found that are similar to animals living outside the mountains, such as Wolves, Gripper or Wild chickens, a lot of creatures are endemic of the mountain ranges. This includes various Shadow Creatures, malicious creatures used to trapping humans, and monsters adapted to the mountains and eating everything on sight.

Natural Resources

As it is the case in mountains in general, the Anglepreaks are most likely rich in resources, including but not limited to stones, Ghostpowder, metal, forbidden knowledge and sources of madness.
Alternative Name(s)
The Devil's Circus
Mountain Range
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Included Locations

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