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Siblings in all but Blood

The final confrontation

The battle between Alucinatio and Umbra was prehaps the longest of all during the great divide of the elves, those who had been as close as could be, stood facing each other in the dusk of the midnight city of the dark elves, the shimmer of dying sunlight refracting in the great crystals upon the cavernus walls, granting the first ilusionist a vast collection of nodes to preform his art. meanwhile, she who stood against him, was a master of the dark, of shadows and deception.
While Alucinatio bore a expression of sorrow and remorse, Umbra had a soft smile. both knew the days of speeches was past. debates having gone back and forth without rooting in reality till now, as Alucinatio formed the first circles of power, the fractal light across the large bridge tiled stone appeared to shift, as if melting to a liquid, bound to the will of this master of illusions, his eyes closed to focus, as Umbra stood to look upon it, staying her hand for the time.
Once his eyes opened, Alucinatio made a simple statement.
"Im sorry, my sister."
He then began to walk towards her, with a air as of someone who had surrendered to the whims of fate, a true surrender beyond the simple defeat which fell upon fallen warriors
"Prehaps you are right..."
As he approached, Umbra cocked her head with that smile, while behind her back a ornate blade left its sheath
"Of course dear brother, I know you must feel so confused." her eyes transfixed him "But don't worry, its all forgiven, I will show you what I inte-" She got no further, just as she was about to lunge out with her blade, her eyes grew wide, seeing through the deception before her by the reflection in its eye, a mixture of fractal light showing the form of Alucinatio behind her.
She barely had the time to turn around and catch the incoming strike of a curved blade sword, parrying with her dagger, sparks of blinding light offering the next opening, as Alucinatio spoke words of power, Umbra felt her feet stumble for steady ground. she knew it had to be a trick, yet her body moved without her concent, falling upon her back, shuffling backwards under the barrage from the other elf, their hand forming a smaller circle and sending darts of concentrated arcane energy streaking for her.
However, in spite of the illusions around her, Ubra found her body move out of the way from the arriving barrage of arcana, before shaking her head to rid herself of the mirrages for a moment, to gaze at the crystals, seeing how much more remained of the light.
Her moment of clarity was not made long, as her eye darted back in instinct, she saw the approach of five of her opponent, each shimmering as if light. her brain focusing and processing at the speed of her kin, Umbra still narrowly avoided the precise blow from a cutting blade towards her side, feeling it nick her skin, drawing ever so slight blood to flow from her side.
"Why do you do this Umbra?" the forms all asked, as if to try and speak to a long lost honor, receiving a mocking chuckle in reply.
"You would not understand" she adjusted her posture, as it felt to come more and more shapes of Alucinatio each moment, every unobserved space gaining more forms when left for a moment
"Try my sister" the forms began to circle her, their shimmer more and more evident in the setting sun
"Its power brother dear." Umbra leapt into the air, right before the forms lunged forth, striking and cracking the very pathement where she had been a mare moment prior "A power beyond us" her form stood upon the ledge of the bridge, stance prestine, the embodiment of grace.
"You have lost your mind Umbra" Alucinatio beconed to her through numerous mouths, rushing for her, shimmers parting, as his fears began to rise at the sight before him
"I'll be the judge of that." With those words, Umbra tipped backwards, falling towards the depths bellow, Alucinatio leaping after her without a second thought, following her into the shadows.
it was in the shadows, as the last light of the sun died, that Umbra smiled, her eyes earning the glint of ambition, as she reached out, calling forth the tendrils of her realm to be, grasping Alucinatio who simply cried out in surprise. Then it dawned upon the illusionist, his lips forming the words "No... why? sister!" but all was dark, as Umbra pulled him into her blade, crazed eyes looking into his with a bottomless appetite for power.
"I shall become divine brother. But none of you would approve of the cost."


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