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The Custodians

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As the world burned in the Second World War, representatives of the Allied powers met in secret in an old mansion in rural Wyoming, where the fate of the world was decided. At this council, a plan to ensure world peace was drawn up: an international, independent, security, intelligence, and research organization called the Custodes Pacis. Loyal to no one nation, they were free to protect the world in any way they saw fit. The custodians worked to solve problems through dialogue, negotiation, and the occasional assassination. But not everyone felt the custodians were doing a good enough job. Some felt that for there to be peace, there must first be great bloodshed. These rebellious custodians formed the Freemen, dedicated to destroying the Old World and bringing in the New World, one built on the corpses of billions. The United Nations took direct control of the custodians to ensure no further rebellion would occur. Its been 27 years since the end of the Cold War, and humanity has some semblance of peace. But the world is changing. Freemen resurfacing in the East, the Pantheon, the custodians leadership, grows ever emboldened against the UN, and a strange anomaly has been discovered under Reno Hill, Wyoming. A new age is about to dawn on the world, an age of heroes and villains, and when the dust settles, it is up to the custodians to make sure the New World is bore from peace and not from genocide.