Session One: Flirting Solves everything

General Summary

Our party were summoned to the Jolly Rancor with promises of a decent paying job, they were met by a Gnome called Sangrus whom offered them a bank heist job at 10,000 credits pay plus a cut of whatever is stolen. They all agreed that this was a good job for good pay, there were initially some tensions between Eddie Riggs and Sebastian but they agreed to work together, of course on the flip side Graal really just wanted to get paid to clobber people.   The party were taken by Magrail to Jadetown from Bran Grove whereby they came up with a skeleton of a plan, case the joint, gather as much info as possible then work out a plan.   The plan boiled down to:

  • Sebastian & Torrus were to go in on day one, open an account and case the vault floor.
  • Torrus was to make an excuse to nip to the gents and place a 'wiretap' on a network cable to give Sebastian access.
  • Everyone retires for the night to analyse security
  Through some great dice rolls the players managed to successfully pwn the computer network at the bank and through some (un)comfortable flirting from Sebastian he managed to find out from the bank receptionist that the bank is quite run down and only stores historical artefacts for museums for things not on show.   After a good nights sleep the crew re-assembled and went back to the Bank, Sebastian and Torrus entered on the pretence of checking their security box, after they disabled the security system Eddie & Graal entered and proceeded to basically murder the two guards for sport, and BumbleBee worked their way through the civilian population execution style.   Where in they recovered a Ring which had connections to Mogroth...The session was halted with Graal bleeding from every orifice and wanting to murder everyone due to the rings effects.

Rewards Granted

Nil, session is still ongoing, but there is potential for lots of rewards providing the players can steal some lockbox contents from the area.

Missions/Quests Completed

  • Get into the bank
  • Get the item you were requested to get

Created Content



Jadetown Ground Floor
Chipped images of the ground floor of the bank.
Jadetown Jadetown 1st floor
Chipped images of the sub-basement containing all the lock-boxes.


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1 Apr, 2018 09:35

This was so much fun :D I really enjoyed how fast paced it was - you did a great job to fit so much into one session! I feel like I have a much bettter understanding of what your world is like now.