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The Crossroads

2nd of October, 2400 CE

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"I was a grown man when the sun rose again. It was like the universe had just stopped, and then started again. Snow was melting, people were walking the surface. The post apocalyptic enthusiasts would be disappointed. No Mad Max, no Fallout. Just people rebuilding town and cities. Re-establishing electricity, the internet. News came from all over what... is left.   Then. Oh then the real shit-show begun. News came from the east that demons. Fucking demons crawled out from a hole in the ground. There were skirmishes, and war. For years. Questions to the faiths of the remaining world. At some point, to the Abrahamist's utter rage, peace talks started. Then ended, and a couple of cities opened to them. Where were the angels? They came later. Much less pleased, I might add. Entered the city of Igotaro, welcomed with open arms.   But they didn't know shit.   People got mad. Churches burned, angels ran, more peace talks. Segregation in some cities, a free for all in others. Then Omnisberg got a proper council going, "protecting" rights of all "free-willed" folk.   And today?   It is easy to make a deal with the devil nowadays. You can do it for the price of a small house on the coast. Those same dealing devils go to group therapy on Saturday's to deal with crippling anxiety. Angels learn to take recreational drugs in safe environments, trying to prevent their own extinction in the meantime. Free will can be tough, you see.   In the new world, anything is possible. -Unknown