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The Oilwyrm

A distant relative of the wyvern's of old, these days the oilwyrm's are used as a form of airborn transit. Though most are bred for riding, some are bred to be bulkier to allow the support of a domed carriage, which is strapped to the back of the wyrm for the transportation of goods. Oilwyrm's are long and serpentine creatures with oily black skin and eyes that gleam like starlight. They shed their scales daily. These scales are coated in a viscous black fluid only slightly less flammable than oil, and can be processed into something far more potent.

Basic Information


Oilwyrms are long, limbless creatures. Their method of flight is a mystery, as they lack wings and seem to be unaided by any kind of natural wind, and no magic can be detected on them.

Genetics and Reproduction

Oilwyrms, like most reptilian creatures, hatch from eggs. The thing that separates them from most reptiles, however, it that rather than having to be laid by the creatures these eggs seem to appear from nowhere, and require no interaction from the parents other than keeping them protected for the six weeks it takes them to hatch.

Growth Rate & Stages

After hatching, the oilwyrm quickly proceeds from hatchling(a creature no longer than an adult's forearm), to a wyrmling(which ranges from six to eight feet in length), and finally to a fully grown wyrm(which is only slightly smaller than most houses when fully uncoiled).

Ecology and Habitats

This species thrives in hot climates, though for those wishing to tame them it would be wise to keep them out of extreme heat, as they can catch fire at a moment's notice in hot, dry climates.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The common oilwyrm mostly eats stones, though they will eat meat and most vegetables if it is offered to them.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Though Oilwyrms are blind, they have an uncanny ability to read the air around them, making them nigh-impossible to take by surprise. This ability to read vibrations in the air is also how they hear, smell, and taste. Those who use empathetic links to meld with the minds of Venathel's creatures tend to have difficulty processing the senses of Oilwyrms, as every one of their senses only registers to the empath as touch.

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