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The House of Amber Doves

The House of Amber Doves is the premier brothel in Santa Cruz, owned by Anna Lynn Boyd, who purchased it from the former madam, Margarita Fullerton. The outside is painted cherry red.


Since a major re-building project, it now has three stories and a secret underground laboratory. Anna's room, on the saloon floor and toward the back, is directly above the lab. Her own room is large with a bedroom, bathroom, and spare room. She and Jonathan Johns live there.


Anna considers The House of Amber Doves an ideal. She has a nice room and runs a popular business, and feels she can properly take care of the women in her employ. The decor in the saloon is well-thought-out, and in the girls' rooms, classy. It has the feel of an upscale establishment even though it's rather affordable.

Anna lets the girls keep most of their earnings. The little that Anna takes goes into maintenance for the brothel and paying the kitchen staff.

A standard brothel token at The House of Amber Doves is $5.00 and is good for intercourse with a willing dove. Johns must come clean or they will be required to bathe in the dove's room for $0.50. The price of other sex acts depends on what individual doves charge and are willing to do.


When owned by Margarita Fullerton, The House of Amber Doves was two stories and some of the prostitutes there shared rooms. When Anna Lynn Boyd purchased it, she had it expanded to three stories, and each of the women in her employ now has her own room.

Anna also had a secret laboratory added as a basement underneath her room.

Alternative Names
Amber Doves
Brothel / Whorehouse
Parent Location
Santa Cruz
Characters in Location

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