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Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is a small California city on the northern end of the Monterey Bay. The weather is temperate, still warmer in summer than in winter, but in a comfortable range year-round. Mornings are often foggy.


The city is also home to Morgan's Mechanicals and Morgan's Automatons, two closely associated companies run by millionaire, inventor, and recognizer of rare talent, Miles Morgan. While Morgan runs factories in San Francisco as well, he and his family reside in Santa Cruz, and most of the company's research takes place in Santa Cruz.


Since San Francisco has for years been a better-known town nationwide than Santa Cruz, many still think of it as the center of Morgan's operations, but those who pay attention know better. Santa Cruz is where Morgan's first enhanced steam engines for home electricity were introduced and where Morgan's first automatons first rolled out.


Morgan has considered making Santa Cruz the center of research for his companies, and San Francisco the center of production. However, the Santa Cruz factories employ approximately a quarter of the population of the area, and Morgan is loathe to disrupt the economy.


75% white, 15% Mexican, 8% Chinese, 2% Other.


Democratic, with a mayor at the head.





A frontier city on the Monterey Bay, right by the water.


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Inhabitant Demonym
Santa Cruzans
William F. Cooper

The center of business and shopping is Pacific Avenue and its environs, and this is also where one can find the The House of Amber Doves, a classy restaurant and brothel, as well as Smullen's Stables and Livery, the small general store Barrels, and other establishments.


At the southern end of the city, along the bay, one finds Railroad Flats, populated mostly by poor Chinese immigrants running their own small shops or working for the railroad.


Most of the remainder of the city is residential and stretches into the woods and other areas for miles.

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